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music directors, songwriters and more...

Scales + Theory

Strength + Dexterity

Chording + Voicings

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​Do you feel nervous and unprepared when you walk into worship rehearsal?


Do last minute changes make you anxious?


Have you ever wished piano scales + transposing was easier?


Can you play without  music?


Are you a newbie and you want to take music lessons or learn piano online so you can join the worship team?


Do you know in your gut that you need to grow in your skills and better steward the gift God has given you?





Do you have anyone on your team who fits these descriptions?


Have you struggled with direction because you know God leading you somewhere but your team doesn't have the technical skills to execute?


Do you feel helpless because you want to develop your team but neither they nor you can afford private music lessons?


Would you like to be able to provide them with a resource and strategy to move them forward?

**If you would like to see courses for other instruments, send me an email!

Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical, and expecting more than others think is possible.

Ronnie Max Oldham

What People Are Saying

Manuela Coleman

Worship Leader

Impact Church

I met Lisa in 2009 when our ministry worlds joined together! Lisa was our Vocal / Choir Director at the church that I attended at the time. I was a young, inexperienced worship leader that needed a mentor to help grow the areas I felt weak in. She worked with me, not just in a technical sense, but also spiritual one. And helped me truly understand how to lead with excellence, giving me the tools to grow my confidence in the gift of leading worship.

Leigh Metcalf


Arizona Ministry Network

 have known Lisa Fernald for over 25 years and worked with her in several church roles. During that time she effectively built worship teams and helped to train others.


Lisa is very effective in providing the training needed to develop musicians at all skill levels. She is very experienced, professional and a joy to work with. I would recommend her for anyone looking to develop their musical skills and leadership.

Rachel Moses

Keys/Music Director

Gateway Church


I have had the privilege of working with Lisa as a fellow musician and MD. She was my worship keys coach, and the things she taught me were invaluable! As I implemented the tips she had given me, I saw improvements in my technical skills as well as an increase in my confidence as a musician.She is so incredibly knowledgeable as a musician, a music director, and a worship leader, and even now, I know I can call her up to ask questions as I continue to learn and grow. 

I have had the privilege of working with Lisa as my worship keys coach, and the things she taught me were invaluable! As I implemented the tips she had given me, I saw improvements in my technical skills as well as an increase in my confidence as a musician.

Rachel Moses

Keys/Music Director, Gateway Church

She truly has a heart for worship and wants nothing more than to share her expertise with others. Whether you’ve never touched a keyboard, or like me, you want to relearn something you once knew, Lisa is incredible. You’ll love learning from her! 


Eva Hagan


I trust her with her time with my daughters  knowing that when they are with her they are not only learning about the piano but also being encouraged to be who they are!




Morgan Trotter

Student Parent

I’ve learned a lot from her over the years. I’ve witnessed first hand may different venues Lisa has led or been directly involved in leading and her leadership spells success! Her strategies are effective and can be helpful in any music genre. You won’t be disappointed!


Ben Filer

Worship Vocalist

She leads with vulnerability & authenticity. Lisa is sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and helps facilitate an atmosphere that draws others in. She is an encourager and walks in truth and grace!




Candi White

Pastor, Chi Alpha

Her desire to see the worship of the church flourish and connect with God is so evident in her ministry and her life. If you are wanting to grow as a worship leader, develop your worship team or become a stronger musician, I would highly encourage you to connect with Lisa. You will be glad you did.

Derek Carter

Worship Pastor, Heritage Church


Since the age of 16, Lisa has served as a ministry/worship Intern, Worship Pastor, Discipleship Pastor, Youth Pastor, Vocal Director, Choir Director, Music Director + Instrumentalist for several churches. She has worked with adults, young adults, teens + kids and has served as the primary worship leader with combined special events teams for Conferences, Camps and Missions Trips stateside and overseas.


She has taught private, one-on-one music lessons, online piano lessons, coached group vocal ensembles, choirs, keys players, music directors and full team workshops. Her passion is to help others achieve excellence in personal and group musicianship, listening, flow and to learn how to foster an atmosphere in worship that guides people to the heart of the Father.


Lisa has a Bachelor's Degree in Music Ministries from Southwestern Assemblies of God University. She has been playing piano from the age of 5 and began teaching private piano lessons around age 13. She currently attends Gateway Church in Scottsdale, AZ with her two kiddos where she serves in worship and women's ministry.



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